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Who's the Picturefox?

I love photography. I love the way a camera can capture a thousand words and tell them all to us in an instant.

My photography career began with my favourite football club, Borrussia Dortmund. For three years I had the pleasure
of travelling with the club to take pitchside photographs for a fan magazine.


After this I began to spread my wings, and my portfolio, into other genres of photography. I quickly developed
a passion for photographing the natural world and this is what led me to what I consider to be the most beautiful
country in the world: Scotland.


Photography is a passion. I love finding and showing the beauty of anything and what my camera and I can make out of it,
so if you are interested in showcasing the beauty of anything in your life, simply use the icon below to send me a message.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks ( or Tapadh leat! )


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